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Our World Our Future (15 SDG Adventures for Children)

The stories aim to educate children about the Sustainable Development Goals,

a set of 17 global goals adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015.

These goals will be a blueprint for a better and more sustainable future. Fifteen amusing

stories will take the readers to the future and the past, from the depths of the vast ocean to space,

and from fantasy to reality. Sometimes, the character must fight dragons, monsters, mutants,

giants, inequalities, or false thoughts. This book will broaden students’ horizons and make them agents of change for a better world.

Moreover, it reminds us that the Earth belongs to God, and we are entrusted with its care,

underscoring our responsibility to protect and preserve it.



Judul: Our World Our Future (15 SDG Adventures for Children)

Penulis: Jelena Naomy and friends

Ukuran: 14x20 cm

Jumlah Halaman: 82 halaman

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